Pop-in Pet Visits

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Our IB Pet Sitters are almost always available to respond to clients request for Pop-ins visits. These visits are perfect when you’re away for several hours or all day and your dog needs a walk through the neighborhood, food, water or requires medicine. Cat can also benefit from this pop-in service, offering food and water, clean their letterbox and offer treats and playtime. Have fish or birds? Then a sprinkles of fish food and water and seeds for your feathered friends and of course some love and attention.

Have pets that require their medicine? You can request a Pop-in visits be scheduled within a short window of time when medicine like insulin or IV fluids must be given in a timely manner. We also offer 45-minute pop-ins for owners with multiple pets this giving all your pets plenty of care and attention.

Clients that book Pop-in visits and for Overnight House and Pet Sitting:

Please be sure that pet food, treats, water, pet medications, and other pet related items can be found in designated area.

For Clients that book Overnight House and Pet Sitting:

Clients that have booked “Overnight House and Pet Sitting” are asked to wipe down all the surfaces such as: kitchen and bathroom faucets, counter-tops, refrigerator handles, doorknobs, handles of cupboard, appliances, TV remote and other surfaces usually touched with antibacterial cleaner or wipes prior to the Pet Sitter’s arrival.
News from Home

As with all our pet visits, clients will receive notice that their IB Pet Sitter has arrived and will send you “News from Home” about how your pets are doing with a photo. Our Clients really love this part of this service, it helps them to relax knowing that their pets are happy and healthy while, away and return home to happy pets!

Clients that have booked “Pop-in Visits” please be sure all surfaces in designated room has been wiped with antibacterial cleaned.
Clients are asked to have soap, paper towels and antibacterial wipes readily available in kitchen and designated bathroom for the pet sitter.
Clients that have pets that require medication, should have medication in containers or basket and placed where it can easily be found.
Clients are asked to wipe down above medication items with antibacterial cleaner or wipes prior to Pet Sitter’s arrival. *If medication needs refrigeration, again, please be sure it can easily be found.
Clients that have special needs or require accommodations other than those outlined above, please notify Pet Sitter when booking service and will do the best to comply, but retain the right to refuse service if we are unable to meet the terms of the special request.

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