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Please be sure to read through IB Pet Sitting policies before making a booking request. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Time To Pet

We use TTP Time To Pet a booking software, where the client posts all information required, name, address, phone number and all information on pets.

Meet and Greet & 2 Keys - Lockbox

Prior to booking your first pet care service from IB Pet Sitting, potential clients are required to book a Meet n’ Greet and we ask that at that time, have a storage lockbox available with 2-keys inside.


First-Time Clients

First booking reservation requires full payment.

Future reservations, for overnight house and pet sitting requires a 50% deposit if booking date is beyond 90-days out.

Balance will be due 30-days from clients’ departure date.

Holiday bookings require full payment at the time booking is accepted. For a list of holiday-zone dates, please click here.

Pop-in Pet Care Visits are charged at the time of accepting clients’ booking request.

Booking Day

Begins on the 1st day the Pet Sitter arrives. The start time can begin between 8am and 6pm and client is billed every day that the pet-sitter is in the clients home.

Payments & Deposits

Pop-in pet care visits, once booked require full payment. When canceling Pop-in pet care services less than 72-hours, there is a 50% cancellation fee with the balance posted on the clients’ account for future booking within the same year.

The easiest way to secure a booking request is to place your request from your Time To Pet TTP portal. You can do this directly, or send your request from within the message of your portal. Be sure to add your departure and arrival dates and times. If dates are available, you request will be added to the booking calendar, and an email invoice sent from TTP and your credit card on file will be charged.

Bookings 6-months out and beyond a 50% deposit is required to secure and the balance will be charged to your credit card 30-days before departure date. All other bookings are charged at the time of approval.

Major Holidays, including the day before and day after, charged at the time of accepting and requests during the Holiday-zone months of November, December and January are also charged at the time of accepting requests.

Holiday Bookings

Holiday bookings require full payment at the time of accepting booking requests. For a list of holiday dates please click here.


We use TTP Time To Pet a booking software, and within the client portal where you can request pet care services or send messages to IB Pet Sitting™ office.

Pet Accidents

Pet owners know even the most well-behaved and housebroken pets can have accidents. When this happens, the cause is often due to the pet(s) being upset or nervous and is not the fault of the sitter. Almost always, these accidents can be easily cleaned with no trace. Please be sure to leave your approved carpet cleaner or other supplies that you know will not damage the affected surface areas in your home.

Security Cameras

Homeowners have the right to use security cameras to keep their home safe. IB Pet Sitting™ requires full disclosure for the privacy of the sitter. There shall be no cameras in the bathrooms or bedrooms used by the IB Pet Sitter.

New Pets

When you add a new family pet, a second meet & greet must be scheduled before the next booking request. This gives us time to discuss any questions either of us has and allows me time to meet your pets. This visit is approximately 45 minutes, so we have time to cover all the important details.

Additional Pets/Shared Bookings:

IB Pet Sitting™ cannot accept a booking when a client requests that the booking be shared with family, friend, or neighbor, such situations are not covered by insurances. The only sharing acceptable is when IB Pet Sitting™ is shared within the company.

If others access the clients home to care for your pets, we reserve the right to discontinue services and leave immediately.


Notice of Visitors in Your Home

During your booking dates, no other people should have access to your home because of liability. However, if someone must enter your home or property like (housekeepers and gardeners) during the booking dates, please inform IB Pet Sitting™. If someone does enter the home or property unannounced then, all the responsibility on the part of IB Pet Sitting™ Services becomes null and void and don’t be surprised if the IB Pet Sitter calls the police. Such unexplained situations are a personal safety issue for the pet sitter and your home.

Travel Dates Change

If travel dates need adjusting, please send a message from your client portal and explain the changes you must make. We will do what we can to accommodate.



To ensure your home and pets receive quality care, IB Pet Sitting™ doesn’t overbook. If a client must cancel, we ask that you send a notice through your client portal as soon as possible. We will respond as soon as possible.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancelling an Overnight House and Pet Sitting scheduled during Non-Holiday-Zone months, IB Pet Sitting™ charges 25% and the remaining 75% is posted to the client’s account for future bookings within that same year.

Cancelling Holiday-Zone Overnight House and Pet Sitting IB Pet Sitting™ charges 100% as we do not overbook and have turned away requests. Therefore we offer no refunds. However, should IB Pet Sitting™ be able to secure a new booking in part or all exact dates, then that amount will be posted and made available to the clients’ account.


Arrival Back Home

Although your departure and arrival dates are on the invoice, schedules can change due to flight times, etc. Therefore, if you wish to extend services for a day or more, please notify IB Pet Sitting™ immediately by sending a message from your client portal. IB Pet Sitting™ will ensure pet(s) are not left unattended for any extended length of time.


There is no greater compliment than when clients refer IB Pet Sitting™ to their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. IB Pet Sitting™ and IB Pet Sitters are grateful when we get a referral, and you’ll receive 10% off your next new booking. Just be sure they mention your name at the time of their meet and greet. Better yet, send a message from your client portal with the name of the person you are referring.



We never share any client information outside of IB Pet Sitting™.

IB Pet Sitting™ Support and Emergency Backup

Emergencies can happen, even for the IB Pet Sitter. Therefore, we have a qualified substitutes to care for your home and pets in the event of a personal emergency, illness, or unexpected accident to the assigned IB Pet Sitter and another reason to book our pet care services.

Policies and Guidelines

IB Pet Sitting™ updates prices and policies occasionally, these updates are posted in your client portal so you will never miss and updates. Generally, any changes to IB Pet Sitting™ documents happens once or twice a year and when you post a booking request, you will be notified at that time and will require your acknowledgement.

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