Overnight House and Pet Sitting

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Specialize in providing reliable and trustworthy in-home pet care to our clients’ beloved pets!

Overnight Pet Sitting

IB Pet Sitting books this service more often than any other services we offer. The IB pet-sitter will stay in the home, keep your pets on their feeding schedule and if your pet requires medication, that will be taken care of as well.

Currently only the owner of IB Pet Sitting is available for this service and she will arrive within a few hours or less after the client leaves the home, and she will leave before the client returns home.

Your pets will receive the best in daily care, with extra love and attention while your away. Pet owners feel better knowing that pets are home and that someone is with them in the home. Best part you’ll receive “News from Home” text messages from your IB Pet Sitter with a bit of information about your pet’s day, with a photo!

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Overnight Pet Sitting by the Owner of IB Pet Sitting

Overnights in the client’s home is Susan’s specialty and clients are encouraged to book early as this service is especially popular for clients who are traveling for two weeks or longer. And this service is not just for dog owners, we have many cat owners who prefer to have a pet-sitter in the home for their cats too!

Currently only the owner of IB Pet Sitter is available for this service and she will arrive within 1 to 2 hours after the client leaves their home and she will leave the home an hour or two before the client returns home.

This service starts with scheduling the clients’ departure time, which can be booked between 7am to 7pm and then book the clients’ arrival home during the same times and is charged a daily rate for everyday the IB Pet Sitter in the clients’ home. There is an extra fee when clients must schedule departure or arrival times before 7am or after 7pm. Holiday-Zone months are all of November, December and the first two weeks of January for a list of additional single holidays click here to see attached list for updated holidays for the coming year.

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