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Key Storage Lockbox

Key Storage Lock Boxes

Prior to booking your first pet care service from IB Pet Sitting, potential clients are required to book a Meet n’ Greet and we ask that at that time, have a storage lockbox available with 2-keys inside.

We encouraged our new clients to demonstrate exactly how they access their home, because the pet-sitter must enter the same way as this is what your pets are used to experiencing. This is also the time to show where the lockbox is located with 2-keys inside and the suitable time to test the lockbox code and keys and test the alarm system if in place.


Some buildings will not allow a key-storage-lockbox
So, how are client keys kept safe? 

In the case that your live where a lockbox cannot be set into place for your IB Pet Sitter, then we can accept the 2 keys. IB Pet Sitting management will kept in a secure safe when not in use.

These keys assigned a code, which is unidentifiable and in the unlikely event that a key is compromised, there is no way for anybody outside IB Pet Sitting company to tell where it belongs!

Why two keys: To ensure that a backup key is always available in case one breaks or becomes lost, two are ideal. A secure key storage lockbox means that a key will always be available at your residence for your IB Pet Sitter to care for your precious pets.

Where do I get a key storage lockbox: A key storage lockbox can be purchased at any local hardware store or locksmith. Hang your key storage box in an easily accessible location that is not too obvious such as a railing, fence, outdoor pipe, shed door, or doorknob. Then, simply notify us of how to find it and what the combination is. If for any reason you cannot have a key box at your home, contact us right away and an alternative arrangement may be made for you.

The combination: The client may choose combination, and the location of your lockbox, and this information will be entered into your private and secure TTP booking system in client information records. The only people who may access to the information will be your IB Pet-Sitter and their emergency backup when necessary.

Verify that your code for the lock box works well and be sure to post the location and the code in your client portal. Also, test all the keys to make sure that they properly before placing them into your lockbox.

What if my situation will not allow for lockbox? Exceptions may be made for those who reside in apartments, condos, and mobile home parks. If your situation does not allow for a key storage lockbox, we can discuss an alternative at the time of your meet and greet.

Our policy is when the IB Pet-sitter is given instructions to enter the clients home by an electronic keypad, keys must still be on the property for immediate access in case of drained batteries or a power outage, which can cause keypads to malfunction. A lockbox gives you and the IB Pet Sitter the best secure access in case of an emergency, some require no installation and can be placed on the doorknob, meter, or railing.

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