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Become an IB Pet Sitter

IB Pet Sitting is a locally owned professional pet care business expanding throughout Santa Cruz County. We are looking for people to join our team of professional pet-sitters. If you would love to care for our clients’ pets and make an extra income and believe that you would well represent the IB Pet Sitting company, then we encourage you to submit an application for IB Pet Sitter.

It does require dedication to the task at hand, giving a variety of pets the best in care for our clients’ best friends!

We are looking to hire people who have a deep affection for animals and would uphold our high standards of pet-care and customer service all the while, representing IB Pet Sitting.

Our goal is to schedule our employees equally and on rotating schedule, to ensure their restful-time-off. Our clients book our services as needed or when planning a vacation. They book for weekdays, weekends, summer months and holidays-zone months.

IB Pet Sitting offers a good starting pay, paid training and we cover you while on the job with Pet-sitters’ insurance, Workers-Comp, and pay mileage. We also supply you with shirts, pet care supplies and offer bonuses based on job-performance and length of employment.

If you are looking for a rewarding part-time job that pays well and fills your heart with love and joy, then consider applying for a Pet-sitter positions?

We deal with live animals! They don’t have thumbs! Our dear pets completely rely on and trust that we will be there to feed them, offer fresh water, take them out to potty and the easy part that they show us time and time again is to LOVE THEM!
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We have Part-time Positions available for the following areas. Aptos, Capitola, Soquel, Santa Cruz City, and Scotts Valley. We are expanding our pet care service to: Aptos Hills, La Selva Beach, Live Oak, Boulder Creek, Ben Lomond, Bonny Doon, Boulder Creek, Corralitos, Davenport, Felton, Freedom, Pajaro Dunes and Watsonville.

Applying for IB Pet-sitter TRAINEE – Some knowledge of pet care
Applying for IB Pet-sitter I Must have 3 years’ experience as a pet-sitter
Applying for IB Pet-sitter II Must have 5 years’+ experience as a pet-sitter

Compensation: All employees start at $19.00 an hour + paid mileage. After 90-days you will receive a review with an increase to $20.00 an hour plus possible bonus depending on the season and holidays worked.

increase after 90-days trainee and moved to IB Pet sitter I
Increase at yearly anniversary or change in IB Pet sitter level
Bonus at the end of summer
 Referral Bonus
Bonus during November and December
Quarterly bonus based on performance reviews, management booking requests, and working holidays.

Open Positions are for Part-time for Pop-in Visits for Cats and small animals
Working Days: Weekdays & Weekends
Description: 15-minute visits, commonly booked at 30-minute visits
Working Hours: 8am-5pm, 7-days a week

Open Positions are for Part-time for Pop-ins Visits and for Dog-walking
Working Days: Weekdays & Weekends
Description: 30-minute visits. However, we do offer 45-min Pop-in Visits
Working Hours: 8am-5pm, 7-days a week
Earn money to exercise, love and play with pets! Our IB Pet Sitters are employees (W-2), not independent contractors (10-99) Join our team and you’ll be excited to go to work!

A part-time job you can enjoy!

We are looking for people who are highly dependable

Our clients depend on the best pet care and IB Pet Sitting strives to give the best in pet care for their best friend. When clients’ post through ‘Time To Pet’ TTP app, their request for pet care, its received by management and then assigned to the closest IB Pet Sitter to the clients’ home.

There may be times when you may be asked to travel outside your immediate area. Example: You live in Capitola and need to travel to a client in Santa Cruz and we do pay a small bonus as compensation. Accepting these bookings will show management that you are a team member, thus invested in the success of IB Pet Sitting and in turn will be reflected at bonus time.

Being an IB Pet Sitter is perfect for people who have a few hours a day in the morning and/or afternoon, and available three of four days a week and every other weekend. Example: Say you cannot work on Tuesdays and every other Friday, just let us know, we try to accommodate. We want happy IB Pet Sitters!

Please don’t apply if you are in between jobs, looking for short-term work, or planning on moving away. If you meet the criteria, and you are serious about giving us at least a commitment of 9-consecutive months, then we would love to hear from you!


What The Job Involves

 Our pet care services, called Pop-In visits and are generally for 30-minutes although we do offer 45-minute visits for dogs that need a longer walk, or when there are multiple pets, thus giving the IB Pet sitter plenty of time.

Dog visits, are often a walk around the neighborhood, return home, offer fresh water, snack if allowed, or mealtime if requested by client. Cat visits is usually food, fresh water, medicine when required, clean litterbox, offer playtime and petting if the cat is willing, if not then we hide treats under several toys, so they can explore and have fun getting to the treats. Other animals like fish, birds, parrots, geckos, and other reptiles need care as outlined by their owner.

When the IB Pet Sitter arrives at the client’s address, the first thing they do is login into ‘Time To Pet’ app, and start the clock. The IB Pet sitter can see from the TTP app, where they can find the lockbox, code to open thus retrieve the key and enters the client’s home. Greet the pet then take a photo and follows instructions of that booking.

By viewing the TTP app the time left to complete the pet care visit and when complete, the pet is left happy and secure in the designated area or have access to the whole house. The IB Pet Sitter then leaves, locking the door, and place the key back in lockbox. Then log into the TTP app, to send a photo with a message to the client about the pet care visit, hit send and the booking complete.

After training, you’ll be working completely independently, so it’s crucial that you have a dependable vehicle, and a smartphone because you’ll need to login to ‘Time To Pet’, TTP to check your schedule, clock in/out in order to track time for payroll and be able to communicate with management and clients. We look forward to meeting you!


Service area close to home or within designated zip code area
IB Pet Sitters are Bonded, and have general liability insurance
Workers compensation insurance
Taxes withheld from paychecks
Bi-weekly pay through direct deposit
Flexible schedule
Holiday Pay
Paid Sick time
Bonuses throughout the year
100% client tips are yours
Paid on the job training

We are looking for people who are!

Be over 21 years of age or older
Be compassionate about animals
Walk dogs so they can potty, and you’ll need to pick-up after them
Walk dogs briskly so they get exercised within the allotted time
Excellent customer service and communication skills
Must be able to handle pets of all sizes and all temperaments
Responsible and honest
Must be able to pass a criminal background check
Work outside in all types of weather
Be a detail-oriented person who can follow directions
Comfortable working while being on camera / video in clients’ homes
Have access to a reliable vehicle, proof of insurance, driver’s license
Dependable, responsible, detailed, and good communication skills
Pass a rigorous background check, criminal history
Submit 3 references of people not related to you and known for 5yrs.
Using the ‘Time To Pet’ app to check schedule and follow instructions
Have a smartphone with GPS capabilities and able to use MapQuest
Excellent written and verbal skills to communicate with clients
Take photo of pet, write a note and send to client via ‘Time To Pet’ app
Be available weekdays and weekends: 8 am to 11:30 am – 2 pm to 6 pm
Be available for holidays bookings which is shared with all employees
Work the day before, day of, and day after to receive holiday-pay
Holidays can be very busy since many clients’ travels. We rotate the holiday schedule during major holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter week so no one is doing it all!

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