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Susan, Owner and Founder

Welcome to IB Pet Sitting!

I’ve been providing pet care services to many wonderful pet owners as a sole proprietor of Susan’s House and Pet Sitting. It all began when friends would ask if I could care for their pets. After all they though, surely a mother of three grown adults’ sons, out on their own and having been a pet owner of several AKC standard collies, and siamese cats, and works as a property manager, could care for our pets while we travel.

That’s how it started and soon after my new career presented itself and I left property management to start my own business. That was over 9 years ago and the best decision I ever made.

In the past few years, my business has increase to the point that it was time to make a few changes, starting with a new name and adding employees. This will allow my team and I to provide the best pet care for our clients that live throughout Santa Cruz County.

IB Pet Sitting® is growing a team of seasoned pet-sitters that have been working in the pet-care field for several years as dog-walkers and pet-sitters or have many years of personal experience that comes with having pets of their own. Whatever level of knowledge they bring, they will be thoroughly vetted, insured, and bonded, trained and will be referred to as IB Pet Sitters’.

IB Pet Sitting® will continue to offer Pop-in pet care for small pets, cats visits, and dog-walking. We have added new services and will continue offer Overnight House and Pet Sitting, so book early!

I look forward to welcoming you as an IB Pet Sitting® client!

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Our goal at IB Pet Sitting® is to provide our clients and pets with exceptional pet care service.
IB Pet Sitting® supports our clients’ needs for pet care, by offering services, such as, Overnight House and Pet Sitting, Cat care visits and Dog-walking and services for small animals. Our goal is to offer the best in pet care, so that you worry less while away at work or on a two-week vacation or away much longer escape.

IB Pet Sitting® will never cancel your request for pet-care since we have a team of IB Pet Sitters’ available. However, limits have been set into place during major holiday-zones and recommend avoiding disappointment to book far in advance.
When you book with IB Pet Sitting® we always have two IB Pet Sitters who know your pets and should there be an occasion, when the assigned IB Pet Sitter has an emergency, we have a back-up plan in place. The IB Pet Sitter responding can respond promptly, see what the service request entails and inform the client simply by login into the Time To Pet app TTP and send you a message.

That’s why we do what we do and love what we do! Our clients’ look forward to receiving real-time text messages and photos from their visiting IB Pet Sitter and can see their happy pet while at work or on vacation.

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